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3 To travel to Chile entering through any of the border crossings from Argentina, Peru or Bolivia, it is required to take out the Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance Caused by MotorIzed Vehicles with Foreign Registration or SOAPEX. This insurance to travel by car to Chile has many advantages Do you want to know them? Read.

Specifically, the Chilean legislation has imposed as a mandatory requirement the self-insurance so that he can enter Chile in private car from any of the neighboring countries. Mainly from Argentina due to the agreement between the two Nations.

Why is the self-insurance so that he can enter Chile in private car?

Really travel constitutes one of the most pleasant pleasures in life, and more in the if it comes to traveling by car to Chile through the beautiful landscapes comprising the Andes Mountains. Without however, it must be acknowledged that not only are there beautiful places but also also freezing temperatures and embossed conditions that require a lot of attention.

Also, although in Chile the streets and roads are in very good condition, these are not are exempt from the occurrence of traffic accidents. In fact annually on Chilean streets and roads there are more than 30 thousand traffic accidents each year, reporting between 4 or 5 injuries daily.

One of the problems that arise…

due to these damage from road traffic accidents is the fact that many victims do not have financial or financial support to bear medical and hospitalization expenses, posing a burden on the state.

The reality is that many victims are abandoned by drivers to their fate and this represents an investment of resources on the part of the State and that they could have another destination (e.g. investment in educational programs) if each manager took the damage through your insurance.

The victim problem not served with particular resources increases when it comes to people who are in transit in the country and who do not count with sufficient resources to compensate them for the damages Received.

Hence, in the face of the possibility of claims where foreigners are involved provided coverage of the costs arising from these accidents through the hiring of compulsory insurance for foreigners travelling by car to Chile

What happens if i don’t do you hire SOAPEX if you travel by car to Chile?

The obligation to take out SOAPEX insurance to enter Chile by private car is provided for in Chilean law, so if you don’t you have no will be able to enter this nation.

And if for some reason you were able to get into Chile in your car without having this insurance, Chile’s roads are exposed to fines for violating include amounts ranging from $88.44 to USD125.17.

Will your car be held?

Also not having this car insurance exposes you to having your car being held at any of the checks that the carabinieri perform as part of their road surveillance work.

However, beyond the fines and penalties for traffic violations that may arise from not having this insurance, taking out this type of insurance will allow you to expand your financial solvency to meet the consequences of any accident transit.

Although Chilean roads are mostly in good condition, you must recognize that accidents can occur anywhere and for this it is better to be warned against their unfortunate consequences.

In this particular, the best way to have a good forecast for any traffic accident within the Chilean territory is to take out SOAPEX insurance.

What are the benefits provided by this compulsory insurance for foreigners travelling by car to Chile?

SOAPEX is a good forecast to travel by car to Chile because it covers damage to situations such as death or disability, not just driver but also passengers and third parties on the track who have suffered damage in the accident where your car was involved.

1) Within the coverage of this auto insurance is corresponding to expenses for hospitalization, medical care, surgical service, pharmacist or rehabilitation.

2) The amounts of coverage of this insurance,as stipulated by Chilean law, range from 200 to 300 Development Units (UF), while in dollars they cover between USD8906.45 and 13359USD

3) Incapacity compensation is payable to the affected person, while in the event of death they may be received by the spouse, parents, minor children or heirs.

When and how can you purchase this insurance to travel by car to Chile?

This insurance can be contracted on an annual basis in the event that you need to stay or enter Chile several times a year, as well as by days (for 10 days) if it is a single or short visit.

Therefore, if you plan to visit Chile through the mountain range in your car not you just have to prepare for the cold but also with the documentation required, especially with SOAPEX.

This Sure mandatory for foreigners travelling by car to Chile provides many benefits and security, because we must be aware that we are all exposed to the possibility of occurrence of a traffic accident.

The biggest problem of non- have insurance to drive to Chile, is that you can suffer an accident in which you wouldn’t be a beneficiary of any coverage so you’d be leaving your family unprotected.

Also as a foreigner chile may not have the solvency sufficient economic and financial damage to the third parties affected in the accident.

Hence this mandatory insurance for foreigners traveling by car to Chile is very important because this would not only be complying with Chilean laws but also traveling safer.

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