5 tips for traveling by car to chili from Argentina.

Actually traveling by car to Chile using the border crossings that exist with Argentina can be a wonderful experience in different ways. However, for this to be the case it is necessary to attend to crucial aspects such as altitude, weather, the road and more importantly to the validity of compulsory insurance for foreigners traveling by car to Chile.

These aspects range from forecasts to the road as they are vehicle conditions and your attire until possession of some documents that Chilean law has provided for foreigners seeking to enter their territory under certain Conditions.

One of these mandatory documents is the Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance Caused by Motor Vehicles with Foreign License Plates or SOAPEX.

Among the recommendations you must follow to travel by car to Chile you have the following:

1) Choose the most convenient border crossing

The Andes Mountains is the longest mountain system in the World. It is a natural barrier separating Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina.

At one time this mountain range seemed impassable to the point that its crossing lasted several months and many died of cold. Even it was even thought to cross it with a train (Transandino Railway) from Mendoza in Argentina to the city of Andes in Chile but today only the rusty rails and the ruined stations remain.

Today there are several places from which you can cross the Andes Mountains from Argentina to reach Chile. Many of these steps close in winter season due to the risky conditions generated by winds, rains and Snow.

A portion of these steps were used by the Argentine prosperous Joseph of St. Martin in 1817 to lead his liberating army to Chile and Peru.

The Ducks in San Juan and Uspallata de Mendoza used by San Martin at the time were very difficult to cross (especially for the general’s asthmatic condition). Today conditions have changed and can be taken from Route 40 and International Route No. 7.

2) Prepare for low temperatures

In summer already leaving the city of Mendoza the temperature can reach 30 oC which is tolerable and even pleasant; but to the extent that the temperature naturally rises to be below 0o C.

In the middle of the mountain range there will be no shortage of sporadic rains, strong winds and even snowfall (especially in the winter season) so naturally there will be a drastic drop in temperature that if you do not take precautions can cause you to various and serious problems.

One of the most common problems with low temperatures in addition to muscle numbness can be the dream it causes.

This state of drowsiness due to low temperatures occurs due to the drop in body temperature since levels of of blood that supply the brain is reduced and with it the amount of blood that irrigates the brain Energy.

The recommendation to avoid this sleep and numbness is to warm up and consume before ascending high-food calorie content for your energy reserve.

Precisely choosing the border crossing of Mendoza – Los Andes is ideal when it comes to avoiding low temperatures because it is the lowest altitude crossing from the Argentine side (4300 meters of altitude) while the others are above five thousand meters high.

3) Don’t impede traffic

The landscapes you can see as you ascend the second-highest mountain range on the planet (after the Himalayas)are truly spectacular, but it could be dangerous to stop in the middle of the road to contemplate its magnificent beauty.

Although it is not a long-term or transitable route often heavy vehicles it is very convenient to get in suitable places to take pictures and contemplate the landscape.

Among the landscapes you can enjoy is the valley of Uspallata,also called silent valley (you know why), the colossal hill Aconcagua (although at that distance it will not seem so imposing), the Inca Bridge next to its hot springs…

4) Thoroughly examine the conditions of your vehicle and properly equip yourself

Check that your car is in perfect condition (brakes, tires, fuel, oil, windshield wipers, electrical system, lights…)

Also it’s critical that you equip yourself with everything you need for an eventual Emergency:

  • Blankets
  • Backpacks
  • Shovels
  • Strings
  • Flashlight
  • Tank oxygen laptop
  • Chains for wheels
  • Medicine cabinet first aid
  • Lenses for sun and snow

The fifth and final tip is perhaps the most important of all because it will be worth preparing well if at Customs or at any checkpoint you are not allowed to enter Chile.

5) Take out compulsory insurance for foreigners travelling by car to Chile or SOAPEX

If you are traveling by private car you will need the SOAPEX. It is an auto insurance that is mandatory for anyone who wants to enter Chile.

Chilean carabinieri as part of their separate control efforts your personally identifiable documents will require this compulsory insurance and if you do not have it you will be denied entry to Chile.

Where and how can you purchase The Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance Caused by Motor Vehicles with Foreign License Plates or SOAPEX?

Any foreigner who has proposed to travel by car to Chile must enter https://www.soapex.com/ to take out this compulsory auto insurance.

The procedure for purchasing it is quite simple. Just enough provide personal and vehicle data to obtain the SOAPEX electronic certificate.

Ignorance of the law does not exempt it from compliance. This is that if you forgot to buy it and you were able to enter Chile you risk pay fines of up to $125 and even your car can be Retained.

In conclusion, if you want to go to Chile through one of the border crossings that exist with Argentina, try to plan such a trip well to avoid any inconvenience especially those related to the mandatory provisions of Chilean laws as it is the case of the compulsory insurance for foreigners travelling by car to Chile

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