The importance of compulsory insurance for foreigners travelling by car to Chile

Every day in the world, more than three thousand people are killed by injuries from road accidents. In fact, it is considered the leading cause of death among young people. This problem has led many countries to find solutions and one of them has been compulsory auto insurance.

What has motivated the mandatory auto insurance for those seeking travel by car to Chile?

In the case of Chile, According to the New Driver’s Book,after suicides, death on the road represents the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 15 and 29.

Other data indicate that the majority of road accident deaths are recorded on intercity roads. Interestingly, 86 of these traffic accidents occur on city streets, mainly at intersections or junctions.


These figures indicate that possibly the speeding recorded on roads that produces the most deaths.

On the contrary, victims who do not die, i.e. those who are injured more than 30,000 people a year.

These injured produce on the streets of Chilean cities, especially the weekends and evening hours when you’re supposed to have less vehicular traffic. Again the speeding is appreciated as the principal responsible.

do mandatory auto insurance focus only on the material part?

Even if it might be thought that compulsory car insurance focuses only on the material part and not the reduction of road accidents.

The fact is that the the number of victims that occur because of these unfortunate events require enormous economic resources and can collapse a country’s health system.

By virtue of them, many countries such as Chile have made the decision to attack the the issue of liability to accident victims compulsory insurance for foreigners travelling by car to Chile.

This is the Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance Caused by Motor Vehicles with Foreign Enrollment or SOAPEX, which was imposed as mandatory.

What other reasons can justify compulsory insurance for foreigners travelling by car to Chile?

On the other hand, there is a idea that many people haven’t become aware of what really means the large number of road accidents that come occur on a daily basis.

Hence that some imposing as an obligation the purchase of insurance car for those looking to travel by car to Chile would be fostering this awareness.

Evidence of this fault conscientiously is the fact that statistical figures only refer to people as injured, not including the amount of people who may have been left incapacitated due to injuries Suffered.

the figures that these road accidents cause

Likewise, the figures make no mention of the amount of suffering that these road accidents cause. But it is assumed in large numbers by the people who suffer because of it and whose suffering is spread by economic helplessness.

And is that one of the most serious consequences of road accidents, along with the loss of road regrettable of many lives, is the great economic impact that these claims come to have, which are estimated in the case of Chile 2 of its gross domestic product (GDP)

We’re talking about a a large amount of money that if there were no accidents or those responsible will cover with their means (with insurance, for example) could be invested in educational, social, health programs… means these greater benefits to society.

The most important thing for foreigners traveling by car to Chile

Most importantly, these human, administrative, health or material costs can be avoided or at least reduced. And one way is through the awareness and responsibility of users, and in this sense Chilean legislation put into force the law 18,250 with which mandatory insurance was promoted for foreigners traveling by car to Chile

This approach to foreigners traveling to Chile in self-seeking to sow awareness of the need to reduce road traffic accidents, because perhaps they are unaware that in Chilean territory about 70 thousand occur accidents every year.

Why is SOAPEX beneficial to those who visit Chile by car?

In addition, these foreign visitors most likely don’t know that 1600 people die due to these road accidents, while more than 600 run over on streets and roads. That is why it is essential to I’m sure it will cover these possible damages.

Faced with the probability of these events are better insured, especially by taking in these accidents occur on intercity roads, it is i.e. those used by foreign visitors mostly when go to beaches and other tourist attractions.

This mandatory insurance for foreigners travelling by car to Chile

This mandatory insurance for foreigners traveling by car to Chile has also helped owners or users focus their attention on vehicleconditions. Especially in terms of speed, as well as the means and resistance these present to impacts.

On the other hand, this insurance follows the idea that the foreigner who travels to Chile by private car values this good and knows how important it is to cross the mountain range with a car in very good condition.

Another thing is that you also wouldn’t want your vehicle to be held for non-compliance with the law.

a prudent driver should travel to Chile with a car in very good condition

Logic indicates that a prudent driver must travel to Chile with a car in very good condition because the conditions of relief (at more than 5 thousand meters high) and low temperatures at the border crossings increase the chance of accidents, as well as the need to be cautious on the road.

Border crossings

Due to these strict conditions many of these border crossings are closed in winter season and when they are open drivers must adjust to curves, slopes, wet pavements, etc.

All these circumstances have led to mandatory insurance for foreigners traveling by car to Chile beneficial not only for Chilean society but for all those who wish to protect their property and their lives.

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