Road Travel to Chile SOAPEXIf you are one of the lovers of traveling by car, you will surely visit, or have already visited Chile by this means of transport which is an excellent option to go to the neighboring country, however, from now on to travel to Chile by automobile , you must have a mandatory insurance policy SOAPEX that protects you in case of any mishafeel during your stay in Chile.

Travelling by car is certainly much more comfortable, easier and flexible but unfortunately, being away from your home country does not exempt you from traffic accidents and how the insuranceyou buy to protect your car is not valid outside the territory , to travel to Chile by car, you must buy insurance.

Travel with the unforeseen in mind

No one likes to think about the possibility of being involved in a traffic accident while enjoying a good trip, especially if it is an outward out of your country, but there can really be unforeseen events that affect your well-being or that of some third, and that is why in Chile it is a requirement to have insurance to enter the country with a vehicle.

Andes Andes Mountain Trip to Chile

Compulsory insurance such as SOAPEX covers the costs of medical care, health transport, pharmaceutical and treatment expenses and everything that is necessary to rehabilitate the driver of the vehicle, passengers or companions of the driver, and any third party who is involved in an accident caused by a SOAPEX-insured car.

On the other hand, this insurance to travel to Chile by car covers the expenses in case of disability or death of the affected person. In the event of death, the principal beneficiary of the insurance shall be the surviving spouse, secondly, the children, then the parents and children of the deceased person’s non-marital affiliation.

If when traveling to Chile by car an accident occurs and you must ask for compensation in case of death, permanent disability, total or partial, or reimbursement of medical expenses, you will have to enter a number of requirements that you can find in the link at the end of this article .

You should be aware that insurance to travel to Chile SOAPEX does not cover damage to the vehicles involved in the accident, its coverage is limited to people and their medical expenses.

Buy your SOAPEX insurance

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You can buy your compulsory insurance to travel to Chile by car from the comfort of your home, through your credit card. Similarly, if you are already close to the border, for example, you come from Argentina and your destination is some city in Chile, you can buy your insurance from any mobile device with internet access.

In either case, this will be the document that you must present to carabineros (Chilean police) each time you are asked, otherwise you will have to pay a respective fine.

This regulation applies in several countries and destinations, by different bodies and organizations responsible for managing these processes. For our case, SOAPEX is a mandatory insurance to travel to Chile by car, so it is as indispensable a requirement as the papers that accredit you as the owner of the vehicle.

Insurance represents an endorsement on your trip and will be a great help in case of any inconvenience related to your car, so include in your planning to purchase your policy.

You can buy your SOAPEX Compulsory Insurance policy on our official website, just follow the steps and complete the information that is asked at the following link:

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