If you are traveling to Chile by vehicle, it is important to have insurance to move to Chile by car and we tell you why.

In life one of the greatest pleasures is to travel, the thrill of making the preparations of the trip, enlisting the suitcases, the feeling of happiness invades us, and choosing a place as wonderful as Chile is one of the best decisions you can make, we can go alone or accompanied, using different means of transport, but if in the end you choose to travel by vehicle to Chile and want to tour one of its beautiful cities, we must take the necessary measures such as hiring a auto insurance with SOAPEX (The Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance Caused by Motor Vehicles with Foreign License Plates), and Why with SOAPEX?:

We tell you why it is beneficial to have insurance to cross into Chile with SOAPEX:

  1. We will start by saying that having a safe to cross into Chile,is mandatory, this is stipulated by the Chilean government, we will be repeating dear travelers, it is MANDATORY,because anyone who does not have insurance SOAPEX,to pass by car to Chile, will not be able to travel in the country and is even likely unable to cross the border.
  2. Small problems: We can rate these issues according to the degree of complication they will mean on our trip and here are the small problems:
  • Among the smallest problems you may encounter from not having a insurance to cross into Chile by vehicle is to be stopped and given a traffic violation, which is considered within traffic laws as a serious fine, which in dollars is between $83.44 to $125.17. Oh My God, and think that with SOAPEX you can hire a annual insurance to spend up to Chile for half what a fine costs, considering that you planned to stay a year in Chile, but if the case is that you only want to spend a few days, SOAPEX gives you the opportunity to take out insurance for up to ten days, so the value of insurance also reduces, now, after knowing the juicy fine you must pay for not having safe to move to Chile by car, we’re sure you’d rather take out your insurance SOAPEX.
  • Second small problem that comes with not taking out insurance to go to Chile, at first we mentioned it, but here we will give you more data, between you can be very excited or excited about the trip, imagine that you think you have good luck and you manage to pass through the point bordering Chile, and you can tell you Yeeeeh!, save me a few pesos in the insurance , you have a very good route and it turns out that a carabnero ends up stopping you on the road, because they have a habit of carrying out constant checks, the Chileans are lovers of traffic regulations, the carabinero not only gives you a fine for not having SOAPEX insurance, but they also retain your vehicle, because if, they can do that, for this reason you must take out insurance,if you don’t want to suffer travel delays and spend more than you should because you don’t have insurance to travel by car to Chile with SOAPEX,another important fact is that every time you travel make sure you have the technical inspection of your vehicle, because you could have a lot of problems because you don’t have it or that you have it and it expires.

3. Serious problems: So far we talk about Light things about not having insurance to travel by car to Chile, such as getting fines or holding your car, but let’s look at the most important thing the safety, the idea of traveling by car, is to enjoy the landscapes, the tour and get to know new places, and positivity is very good, but let’s be realistic, accidents happen and when we least expect it, no one likes to think that at some point they can suffer an accident by car, the ideal would be to be able to enjoy always, but again accidents happen and when they happen it is best to have insurance like SOAPEX, which gives you coverage by; Death, total permanent disability, partial permanent disability, medical and hospital expenses (hospitalization, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and dental care, or rehabilitation), the best thing about insurance is that it covers the driver, passengers and affected in the accident even if they were not inside the SOAPEX vehicle covers them, below we show the values of the coverages in Units of Development (UF) as stipulated by the Chilean government and its coverage value in dollars

Death 300 U.F. 13359 USD.
Total Permanent Disability 300 U.F. 13359 USD.
Permanent Partial Disability up to 200 U.F. 8906.45 USD.
Medical and Hospital Expenses up to 300 U.F. 13359 USD.

In case of invalidity the affected person is compensated, in case of death the beneficiaries of the insurance are the spouse, minor children, parents, the mother of the children by non-marital affiliation, and in case there are no such persons the payment will go to the person who is declared hered Ero.

SOAPEX,provides many benefits and we must be aware that life is a precious gift that can be taken from us at any time.

The biggest problem with not having insurance to transfer by car to Chile,is that you can suffer an accident, in which you would not be a beneficiary of any of the coverages mentioned above, leaving your family and those affected in the accident unprotected.

That is why it is important that when choosing an insurance opt for one that has representation throughout the national territory as SOAPEX (The Compulsory Insurance of Personal Accidents Caused by MotorIzed Vehicles with Foreign Registration).

We must be aware when driving and take the necessary precautions.

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