Road safety policies for those wishing to travel by car to Chile

The deaths of more than 1.25 million people worldwide each year from road accidents have prompted a number of actions in many countries to reduce these numbers. Chile is one of these countries and one of these actions has been the implementation of compulsory insurance for foreigners traveling by car to Chile

The obligation to contract this contract is part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the Organization of United Nations (UN). This agenda has been set as a goal reduction in the number of deaths and injuries resulting from traffic accidents annually in the world in less than half.

Road safety policies for those wishing to travel by car to Chile :This goal in the 2030 Agenda has promoted in Chile a new National Traffic Security Policy that is aimed at making Chilean roads safer. It also seeks to ensure that vehicles are protected and their users can feel confident that they receive a timely response in the event of an accident.

Like this that to mitigate the dire consequences of accidents in road safety efforts focused on the vulnerable population on roads. These people are more half of the deaths that occur in Chile each year and product of this effort was born the Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance Caused by Motor Vehicles with Foreign License Plates or SOAPEX.

The mandatory insurance requirement decree for foreigners travelling by car to Chile

for those traveling by car to Chile represents an important step in this task of taking on the challenge of greater road safety in Chile. That is why it is hoped that all foreigners who visit us will join this effort.

In this sense the goal is that there will be no deaths or injuries in the Chilean streets and roads due to traffic accidents. By this road safety policy has been called Vision Zero. However, if this happens, it is essential that these affected persons are properly covered by a policy for sure. Here is the primary function of SOAPEX.

Mandatory self-thinking insurance in user awareness

Although the contracting of insurance is mandatory according to the law 18,250,within the road safety policy Vision Zero developing in Chile is committed to the acquisition of this will surely eventually be accompanied by awareness-raising visiting foreigners.

The goal is set in that those who travel to Chile by car (especially from Argentina and they do so customary for holidays or work reasons) are educated, actively inform, motivate and engage in compliance the law.

This legal compliance through the hiring of SOAPEX promotes developing a culture in these visiting foreigners reward in benefits such as:

  • A safer road environment
  • Reduction accidents
  • Support financial in case of accidents
  • Response timely manner of the authorities

From so that compulsory insurance for foreigners traveling by car to Chile in the medium and long term will help people who enter Chile to behave well.

Proper civic behavior

Proper civic behavior with the operation of a transit system that has as its main rule to ensure the safety of all those who transit through Chilean streets and roads.

To the long visiting alien who acquires SOAPEX ‘to travel Chile will not only be complying with Chilean laws he also becomes a conscious and educated person.

Also will be assumed as an informed person of the risks involved in transit and also willing to reduce the consequences of accidents not only for herself but also for the rest of the users on the tracks.

Zero vision

The contracting of this insurance guarantees the participation of those involved. This makes the achievement of Vision Zeromore feasible, understanding that only by increasing the level of awareness of users can road accidents and their serious consequences be reduced.

Precisely in this consideration of road users has been based on the decree SOAPEX obligation. Well, the foreigners looking to travel by car to Chile from any of the border crossings with Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, due to represent a group vulnerable to road traffic accidents.

Mandatory insurance for foreigners travelling by car to Chile complements Vision Zero

From chile that not only efforts are being made in Chile to improve road infrastructure to create a safer environment who have also been wanted to protect these vulnerable groups supporting them with insurance premiums in the event of death and disability.

In addition the procurement of this insurance in a certain way ensures that vehicles are in perfect condition, which certainly has an on-the-line decrease in the likelihood of accident transit.

The validity of this insurance

The validity of this insurance meets the fact that vehicles entering Chile meet safety standards and with stable conditions depending on adequate protection of the driver and their companions, as well as users on the roads through which they this vehicle is driving.

Between these conditions the insurance contracting focuses on the good arrangement of the vehicle’s equipment so that the vehicle can help prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents and in turn reduce the consequences of these if they happen.

Likewise, when hiring the insurance, attention is paid to all those technological devices (brakes, airbags, electrical system…) that will in some way be able to intervene in the occurrence of claims.

compulsory insurance for foreigners travelling by car to Chile

Finally, compulsory insurance for foreigners travelling by car to Chile is a key part of Chile’s vision zero road safety policy. This policy is aimed at providing an ideal safety framework for all road users, including foreigners who enter Chile in their private car through any of the border crossings.

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